DIY; plaited bracelet

What you need;
embroidery wool, 3 strands
bracelet fasterners

how to make
 1. thread 3 strands through the catch and knot .
 2. plait
 3. thread the wool through the hoop and knot.



Review; VO5 revive me daily shampoo and conditioner

I love this shampoo! Before using this I was using herbal essensise (ive tried a lot of these) and it ruined my hair, i know it works for other people so im not going to knock it but it wasnt for me, as it was making my hair dry and lifeless. But this shampoo is amazing, it 'revived' my hair from day one, my hair is no longer dry all the time dull or lifeless, and refreshes my hair every time i use it. I honestly love this shampoo and conditioner! and would recomend this to anyone with dry hair. 

Has anyone else tried this product?


NOTD; peachy stripes

Angelica - sorbet 89;Primark| NO.7 - stay perfect clear 20;boots| nail art pen- white


DIY; hair donuts

What you need;
a pair of old tights

how to make;
 1) cut the legs off the tights.
 2) cut the tip of where the toes would be, then roll them up tightly and then your done.

This is such an easy way to make an effective hair donut, also its a great way to use up old tights!


DIY; Twist headband

What you need;
thread & a needle 

how to make;
 1. cut open at the seam

2. twist and pin back together.

3. sew back together.
 4. at the twist sew a little stich to keep the twist in place.
 And your done!

These headbands are great for bad hair days and for keeping your hair out your face while you wash it! The twist gives it a cute twist (if you pardon the pun :P)



DIY; glitzy keys

 What you need;
two of your favorite glittery nail polishes
a key 

how to make;
1. do two coats of the less glittery nail polish on both sides of the top of the key
2. let it dry and do two coats of the more glittery nail polish and let that dry.

Then your done!

A great way of making your keys cute!



What Ive Bought 1#

Aztec top- £8.00; primark

Angelica nail polish - clear- £2.50; primark

  Dress- £3.00 (yes three pound i couldnt believe it either); H&M sale

what have you bought recently?



DIY; Dolly bow without wire

What you need;
thread to match your fabric
a needle
fabric marker

How to make;
  Half the fabric and mark how long you want the headband and how wide you want it.
Cut it out!

Half the fabric and pin it up then sew it up but remember to leave a gap to turn it the right way round.

turn it the right way round and pin the gap sew the gap up and your done!

Dolly bows are sooooo cute and are great for bad hair days! there are so many different types of dolly bows i just went for a plain one but you can also add lace which is super cute two!

If you do this i hope you enjoy it and tweet me a picture i would love to see how yours turned out!