Top 5 monthly favorites; May 2012

 i have been wearing this loads this month and plan to wear it tomorrow. 


 this i have been wearing loads two. it is so detailed and delicate and comfy.

i used to straighten my hair every day as my hair is VERY frizzy nomally and it takes ages to straighten my hair so this product has been a lifesave( a bit of an exaggeration ;) ). Im so sad it is nearly empty :( but will be reperchasing it definitly.

this is a bracelet i have raved about alot as i wear it every day and lovee it.

 I reasently started this blog and have enjoyed blogging soo much thanks for all the support so far!

so thats it what have you been loving this month?


DIY; cuff bracelet

my last post was the DIY;collar and i felt that i was getting rid of an awfull lot of fabric so i decided to make a cuff bracelet and keep the rest of the fabric as scraps in my fabric box.
So heres how to make a cuff bracelet.

 Step1; cut the cuff off the shirt.
 Step2; cut the furthest button of the cuff.
Step 4; Sew on your new button.
  Make back into a cuff and your done.

this is so easy to do and you dont waist good material.



DIY; collar.

So i have been loveing collars at the mo as you have seen.
so here is a DIY i have found and wanted to give it a try and show you.

Step1; Cut the collar off your old shirt.

Step2; start painting your design onto the collar using your stencil.

 Step3; Finnish off your design and leave to dry.

Step 4; after leaving it to dry make it back into a collar and your done! 

hope you enjoy doing this as much as i did.



Style crush; Pixie lott

Sorry yesterday i completely forgot about doing a style crush but here's yesterdays :]

 pixie lott always looks stunning in everything! her style is very original which i love. she always looks her best in black and in my opinion she wears it too much of it and needs to wear different colours but whatever floats ya boat ;). she collaberated with the fashion brand lipsy and all she has done with them turns out gorgeous. also she gets featured in alot of fashion magazines as she is very popular for her fashion. 
what do you think about her style?



What a lovely day !

Its sooooo hot and lovely today ! I wasnt going to post today as i have a very busy day but the other day i downlowded a blogger app and wanted to try it out. Hope you like !


From T-Shirt to Skirt!

Step1; cut your top straight across the middle just underneath the arm holes, this is the fabric you will use to make your skirt.
Step2; turn your fabric insideout and hem the cut edge, it needs to be the right size for your elastic to fit through. pin it down.
 Step3; sew it! still leaving room for you elastic.
 Step4; Cut a slit in the sewn up hem. put a safety pin on the end of your elastic to help you thread it through.
 Step5; sew up your elastic so it wont come apart.
Step 6; sew up the whole.

 Turn it the right way round and your done!

hope you enjoy doing this! :]



Sunshine and daisies!

today has been such a lovely day. I went into the garden and took some pictures of the gorgeous daiseis and wanted to show you all. At the moment my garden has been taken over by daisies which is not a bad thing at all as daisies are my favorite flowers.

 hope you like these pictures of daisies and one of me in the sun. :]



Adele at the royal albert hall!

On saturday night after watching The Voice, I was flicking through the channels trying to find something good to watch. It didnt take long for me to find bbc three and realising adele live at the royal albert hall was on my eyes were hooked and I was singing alond Very loudly! I sat there thinking two things i would love to have been there and that she is so normal and lovely. Inbertween her songs she talked so normally to the crowd of thousands of people as they were her best friends. She sang amazing (as always) and at the end she was crying as she was clapped off stage. It definately put a smile on my face and i really enjoyed watching it.
did anyone else watch it?


Style Crush; Jameela jamil

Jameela jamil style inspires me. She always looks amazing and comfortable in what she wears and she puts her own quirky stamp on every outfit. She always has the most amazing shoes on and they always go with the outfit she is wearing. I would love to have a look through her wardrobe!



charity shop haul !

So today I went charity shopping with my mum and this is what I got.
The clothes I got. 
Checkered top; £2.99 british heart foundation
lace sholder top; £4.75 british heart foundation
denim crop top; £1.63 cancer research uk

the jewelry i got both from british heart foundation

bird ring;£1.99
flower ring; £1.39

I love charity shopping as you can get really good quality clothes and jewelry for amazing prices.

This is my first haul ive done on here hope you enjoy it!




Nail polish; natural collection; Maple.

I Love, love, love, this nail polish! It's a burnt orange colour and goes with everything. Athough it is more a autumn colour its great for spring! Natural colection polishes are really good quality and dont cost much either, the brush is good and holds a lot of polish and dosent fall apart like some. It lasts for a long time too! Overall it is one of the best nail polishes ive ever used and will be buying more natural collection polishes in the future.



D.I.Y - pillow :)

What you need- Scissors
needle & thread or sewing machine
small polystyrene balls or toy filling 

Step 1: cut out your two pieces of material the same size as big or as small as you like.

Step 2: place the two pieces of material on top of each other patterned side facing each otherand pin it together just to keep it together as you sew.

Step 3: sew it together, leaving a gap to turn the right way round later.
Step 4 : after sewing all the way round leaving a gap, turn it the right way round.

Step 5: youve turn it the right way now to fill it with polystyrene balls or toy filling.

Step 6: sew up the gap then your done!
 Hope you enjoy this! if you have any questions please ask! 



Style Crush: Fearne cotton

Fearne cotton, her style, I LOVE!...
From gorgeous red carpet dresses to jeans and a jumper she always looks amazing! (Very jealous!) 
I love the fact her style is very original and quirky and that she uses bright colours and isnt dull.