DIY haul + an explanation

Dylon fabric dye- tropical green and goldfish orange; £2.99 each

Trago millls
 cutting board; £4.00

Truro fabrics
 dylon fabric pens; £4.50
wash and wear fabric glue;£4.66

 cotton cherry fabric; £6.00 per meter

 spray bottle; £1

gorgeouse fabric; present from my brother and his girlfriend.

all of these are going to be great for DIY's in the future.

Im not one for explaning why i havent been blogging beause i think its my choice when i blog and what i blog about ( being my blog) but i have been gone for quite a while that i think you need an explanation. ;Ive been on holiday *simple as* and i took the time while on holiday to have a break from blogging and think about what i want this blog to be about in the future, thats what holidays are for right! but i can assure you that im back after taking a few weeks out and i will be blogging as much as i can/i like!



My week in pictures 9#

old bag strap+chain=newnecklace| DIYpeace tiedye top| YUM
Packing| loveeee this film| clutch bags and lil toothfary pouches i made.
neon hair acsessorises| dont know what to do with these?| purple ising :D

what have you been up to this week?



Review; clean and clear morning energy

The first thing i have to say about this product is that i love it! As i have sensitive skin i find it hard to find products that work and i love but this one dose both. Having sensitive skin this product needs to; not break me out, mouturise my skin, refresh my skin, and leave my skin feeling oil free - does all of this! It also has to be easy to use as i use it in the morning when i first wake up,- its pump makes it easy to use although you cant take it on holiday as the pump wont close. The consistance of this product is also great as you can use one pump and it goes along way. The only thing i would  like to change about this product is make the beads bigger to exfoliate more. Altogether i love this product  and would definately recomend this to a friend as i will be repurchase this if it runs out!

have you used this product? do you like it as much as i do?



J is for...............


Jewellery is such a cute and pretty way to add something small but effective to an outfit! You can mix and match with jewellery and you can even find a peice of jewellery that goes with every thing, you fall in love with and never want to take off. Its so easy to find a peice of jewellery you love, as this happened to me this moring as i was looking for the images, as you can see i found these quirky peices of jewellery and i love every one of them *these post are not good for me as im trying to save money*.

do you like jewellery?


please note i do not own these images i found them on google images.


DIY; peace sign, tie dye tee

What you need;
an old tee
dye- dylon bahama blue
peace sign print out
textile pen
gloves (optinal)

How to make;
Step 1; put lots of hair bands all over the tee.
Step2; add your dye to half a bucket of warmish water.
 Step3; add three table spoons of salt.
 step4; put your top into the mixture.
Step5; after leaving your mixture for 4 hours take out of bucket wash dye out with cold mixture then with washing powder then hang up to dry.
Step 6; place your print out where ever you would like.
Step7; then sellotape down all the corners.
 Step8; you can faintlysee the peace sign draw the middle line using a ruler.

Step9 then colour it in.

 Step 10; draw the other two lines then colour them in, then join all three lines using a curve shape.

 Step 11; draw two more curved lines to make a peace sign and colour thoes in.
 Step12; make sure you have done every thing then your done!

 Im not going to lie i did find it hard doing the peace sign but afterward I am pleased with all the hardwork i put into it as it looks really good if i do say so myself.

if you give this a try tweet me your results @smozzy14



DIY; tie Dye tip 1#

Elastic bands V hair ties?

Most people i know that tie dye clothes use elastic bands but the first time i tie dyed i didnt have any so i used old hair bands, it turn really good. The other day i decided to use elastic bands to see why people use them, it turn out rubbish, every time i tie dye now i use hairbands because the pattern is more effective and looks soo much better.
using elastic bands            using hair bands

Elastic bands V hair bands?
Hairbands every time!!!



style crush; frankie stanford

Frankie stanford is mostly know for being the girl group The Saturdays, and her hair cut. Frankies style is everchanging she can be in rock chic one day and classy another, but mostly she sticks with flawless summery dresses, amazing shoes, cute little jumpers, and gorgeouse designer handbags. 

what do you think of frankies style?


DIY; dip dye skirt

 What you need;
a woden spoon
dye- i used dylon;flamingo pink

How to make; 
Step 1; add your dye to half a bucket of warm water.
 Step 2; Stir the dye & water then add 4 table spoons of water.
 Step3; add the bottom half of your skirt to the mixture and leave for 4 hours.
Step 4 ; after 4 hours squeeze your skirt to get rid of exsess dye.
 step5; then put it in a bowl of cold water and wash most of the dye out.
 Step6; add some washing up powder and rub the skirt to get rid of more dye.
Step 7; hang out to dry. once dry your done!

It was really easy to do and it didnt cost much at all!

hope you enjoy giving this a go! tweet me your results @smozzy14



My week in pictures 8#

Love it when ma bro bakes| blog is back to nomal after a mad few day sorting it out yay!!!| sparkley flippity floppity's
at the beach!| tree&&sky=sooo pwitty| hair cut
YUM| barginatious bracelet| a cheeky trip to hobbycraft im sorted for a while :D

what have you been up to this week?


Top 5 monthly favorites; july 2012


 I have been wearing this nail polish alot this month i find its a very summery colour and goes with everything! The picture of the nail polish makes it look light blue but its not its a really bold light minty green. i wore this in my NOTD post here!

 I have been watching friends alot this year and this month my favorite series was number 10 the last one where chandler and monica adopted baby twins and move out of the city. as you can tell by now I LOVE FRIENDS ! hehe.

 the weather this month has been weird one moment its sunney the next its tundery and rainy. but when its sunny i have loved it.


 another nail polish i have been loveing this month came in a set- a manicure set- its such a suttule but pretty and girly colour.


 also this month i have been makeing lots of felt clutch bags with embroidered lazy daisys on these i think are sooooo cute and i might even start selling them but im not sure yet.

what are your favorites this month?