DIY; ring pot

001. When on my way to pick up my brother from uni for christmas me and the parents decided to stop at a little tea room on the way. I ordered a fruit scone with jam and this cute little pot of stawberry jam came.

003. I decided to keep the pot so I cleaned out the jam and thought about what I could use it for. Eventually I came to the conclution that I would use it as a pot to keep my rings safe in my bag.

004. Although now when I walk around you can hear the jingle jangle of my rings in the jam jar from miles away.


Oh snow

Hope youve had a great christmas, today I bring you snowy nails just right for this christmas as we have had no snow but oh well. To acheve my snowy nails I painted my nails two coats of light blue (be mine 84) from primark, then with a sponge from homebargins I dabbed on two layers of white supposed snow (No7, stay perfect 5)  and added a top coat to keep it on longer.



Happy Christmas!!!

hope that all you have an amazing day and get everything you want 



DIY snowball decorations/necklace

Sorry for the lack of posts lately live has run away with me, and now I guess its christmas in a few days!
 What you need
a fork
needle and thread 
white wool

How to

001; start wrapping your wool around the fork 

 003; get a small peice of wool and thread between the middle of the fork and tie around the wool.

 004; get your thread and thread through the middle of the knotted wool.

 005; cut of the fork and your done.
 You can use as decorations or
 a cute necklace.



Wrapping prezzies

Shorts; charityshop/DIY| leggings;h&m| jumper;sainburys| necklace;primark

001; its been one of those days today when you need a casual ouftit to just lounge about the house in. All ive really done today is wrap presents and drink lemonade, a really good way to spend your time near christmas.

002; This jumper I got this time last year, its super cosy as its thick and just great to stick on when you cant be bothered for dressing up. I tucked it into my highwaisted shorts which are great for jumpers tucked in as they're a little bit big for me. Leggings as its freezing outside and this super cute necklace that adds a bit of glam to a boring outfit. And please ignore the none shoes situation Im not going out so no need for shoeses.


NOTD; sponge on the sparkle

Sparkely red; rimmel london;18| browny red; miss sporty; 25| clear; miss sporty;72

001;I havent done a NOTD in ages so i thought as its christmas I would make them kind of christmassy. You have know idea how long it took me to take these two photo's as the brown and the red just looked one colour with the lighting.


life of the blogger 4#

001. Ive had a super busy two weeks, last week I went to my grandads furneral which was hardhard but on the plus side I got to meet all of my dads side family plus a cuson that i havent seen in ages due to the fact he lives in hong kong.

002. on thursday it was my 15th birthday,  which i as always was way to excited about. I had the best day it was quiet which was just right. for my birthday my mum and dad kindly bought me an amazing kindle fire which I am so greatful for as I can blog while away and read without lubing a book around.

003. also this week I have had some great news my brother and his girlfriend got engaged :D so is now my brother and sister to be :). im super excited as im one of the bridesmaids :)

hope youve all had a good week!


New in 1#

001. I purchased this jmper from h&m the other day for £9.99, I was wondering around the shop with my brother and his girlfriend and I saw a brighter coloured vesion of this in the corner of my eye and as I wondered round I found this colour which I thought is perfect for winter!

002. Its in some super cute colours and the knit is amazing quality which makes it very cosy! I love the speckles in it and the fact its long enough to where over leggings and get away with out showing your bum.

Do you like this jumper? have you got it in a different colour? whats your thoughts on it?


DIY; elastic bracelet

what you need;
elastic that fir around your hand plus room for stiching

how to;
 1.cut your fabric

 2. pin and sew.

4. thread elastic though, pin and sew.
 5.sew fabric up around elastic. then your done!


DIY bunting necklace

What you need;
fabric glue
fabric marker

how to make;

 1. measure and cut out little dimonds.

 2. glue onto chain, peg and remove chain, leave to dry.
 3. after leaving to dry, thread onto chain. then your done!