DIY ear cuff.

What you need;
cutting pliers
shapeing pliers 

how to make;

 1. take the cutting pliers and cut about a 2'' lenth of wire, then start to curl the wire.

2. then take the other end and curl it in two untill you get something like this.^

3. bend the wire so fits on ear then youre done!


Nail post; silvery blue pink.

ahoyy, wow i havent done a nail post in ages or even painted my nails an intrested colour. so today ima share with you whats on my nails at the moment. im currently sporting an angelica nail polish from primark in Sorbet 89 on the bottom of my nails in a lovely more pink than peach, pinky-peach. then sponged onthe tip with a makeup sponge from home bargins i have a blue toned silver in a massive bottle by no7 in sparkly khaki  and to secure the nail art ive added no7 stay perfect clear nail polish in 40. this being great for the transition between winter and spring as the pink is springish and  the bluey silver is more wintery.


March Wishlist 2013

001. hiya, can you believe its march already im sure yesterday i was eating turkey and opening prezzies. but anyway on with the wishlist.

1. denim dungaree's - newlook; £23 I have a pair of dungaree's but there so old now and falling apart so these more structured dungaree's will fill a space in my wardrobe.

2. mi backpack- asos;£22 i have been needing a new backpack for ages now and i adore the colour and look of this one after umming and aring between this one and a black one with stars on i chose this one; but as most of the things on this wishlist why are you so pricey?

3. wreck this journal - amazon; £6.74 this book is everwhere at the moment and ive seen soo many good reveiws it looks like a really fun thing to do.

4. pinifore skirt - topshop; £56 this beauty is a definate dream but one i shall show you none the less, isnt it beautifull. its corderoy material mean it would last forever and a day and its dungaree likeness means it will never go out of fashion *wipes away drool from mouth*