Wednesday Picks 10#

Im attually on time this week, im not sure if its just being on holiday that dose it or just the fact i have a thursday morning thats free! if your new to this blog then wednesday picks is a post i do every wednesday were i look back on the week and appresiate the little or big things that happen!
  • Being finally on the summer holidays
  • Going to my first carboot with my shop (didnt sell anything but i will forget about that)
  • starting my new book !
  • baking something different
  • redecorating an old chair.
  • having that summer holiday feeling!
what big or little things have you appresiated this week?


Empties 1#

Bit of a different post today, i love watching and reading these empties so i thought i would give it a go!

1. boots botanics cleansing face wipes; boots. i enjoyed using them but i didnt really see a difference in the brightness of my skin, they worked well, i would buy them again if i was in desperate need and these were the last on the planet.

2.Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub; tesco. worked well and larthered up well too, wouldnt repurchase as ive found one that works much better. smells lovely though!

3. Neutrogena spot stress control daily scrub; tesco. Didnt really do what it says it dose and the creamy/scrub consistance was honestly really weird, the microbeads wernt very micro and they disapired as soon as they touched the skin leaving a creamy mess. smelled nice though! wouldnt repurchace as i didnt like it.

4. batiste dry shampoo;boots. a basic essencial that every girl needs in her life; repurchased as i love the way it works and dosent leave white streaks in my hair.

5. colgate toothpaste. not much to say about it its just a toothpaste, it works weel and ive repurchased it!

6. Alberto balsam juicy green apple shampoo. repurchased! works well on my hair despite it being one of the cheepest shampoo's and unlike herbal essances dosent give me dandruff! 

hope you enjoyed this new kind of post!


Wednesday Picks 9# on a thursday!

So today my wednesday picks are on a thursday because honestly i compleately fogot about it yesterday BAD BLOGGER ALERT!!! but oh well lets get on with my wednesday picks; the little or big things ive been loving this week.

  • finishing a project for school
  • photoshoot for project at school (the pick above)
  • the weather its amazingly good!
  • that its the summer holidays at the end of this week feeling.
  • big bang theory dvd boxset
what big or little things have made you week better this week?


Wednesday Pick 8#

Hiya, So last week i missed the weekly post of wednesday picks due to a dentist appointment, so this week its for both weeks, your so luckly!

  • unpacking and setting up a new phone, isnt it just the best?
  • the fact that the sun is finally shineing on the uk which means getting your summer clothes out. i was espessically excited for shorts and flipflops.
  • seeing my first butterfly of the year.
  • being able to text my best friend more!
  • shopping after visiting the dentist.
  • having more storage on my phone, man htc's have hardly any storage!

what little things have made your week better? 


5 things ive been loving this month! June 2013

Sorry this is late but ya'no' better late than never i guess!

1. Primark mens tee; primark £2.50. I have about 4 of these tees now in different colours of corse, they are in a super comfy material and go with just about everything!

2. Sunnies. Wow as it is finally summer (been waiting for ev's man!) I searched out my go to sunnies (havent got a clue where i got them but i love them none the less) out and honestly i am so happy to be wearing them again!

3. raspberry crush lip balm; Next; £1.00 for two. I bought set of two lipbalms around winter time with the pound i had left on my next gift card, i wasnt expecting much from the set but this one is such an hydrating lipbalm and its in a super sheer pink formular great for everyday where. the other one in the pack was a sheer red which i also love but i find it more a winter colour.

4. Fun For Louis (link here) ; A daily vlog youtube channel run by this guy called louis. i love his vlogs, he's always happy basically loves life! go check his channel out!

5. stupid smozzy labled it 6. but we shall foget this happened yeah? i have been loving this necklace this month its a pretty leaf and looks good with most outfits it just gives an edge to an outfit!