Wednesday picks 12#

hi hi, so the last time i did my wednesday picks post was over three weeks ago :O so this is three weeks worth of stuff that made me smile.

  • Family holidays
  • Visiting close family
  • the beautiful (but wet ) country of scotland.
  • Favorite places
  • swimming
  • watching movies with the family
  • my brother is an amazing photographer
  • charity shopping
  • making apple crumble all on my own
Ok this could turn into a looooong list so im going to leave it there. What thing have you been grateful for this week? (or last three weeks;) ) 



My Favorite Nail Polishes for Summer!


No.7 stay perfect -04; the perfect top coat!

Rimmel london 60 seconds -39; Im not a pink lover usually but this has to be the perfect pink for me it has a faint shimmery glow to it which means it looks really good with any skin tone.

Barry M Gelly High shine- Papaya; Im not one to follow the hype but when i saw this on lily pebbles youtube video (check her channel out) i just wanted to go out and buy it, so i did! its alot brighter than i thought it would be and at first i wasnt keen but after about a day i fell in love.!

Posh polish beautyUK - 04 amethyst. this polish is the perfect shimmery purple number, it looks great with black flipflops and lasts for ages on your feet! my mum also loves this one!

Posh Polish BeautyUK- 05 moonstone. also great with black flipflops and shows of your tan really well! and again my mums a bit of a magpy so oviously loves this little sparkly number!

Natural Collection - 01 maple. a lovely orange shimmer colour almost browny a bit like a bronzer for your nails.

Natural Collections - 10 lunarhaze. Dontcha just love the name of this polish?!? and of corse i didnt buy it just for the name its a sheer lavender with blue tones nail polish, great for weddings!

Miss sporty metal flip - 39. How to decribe this polish wow this is hard! its a blue polishes that shimmers with purple, green and sometimes yellow! its a beautiful eye catcher!

what are your fave polishes for the summer?


Things ive been loving this month! July 2013

This bag has been my go to bag this month my everyday bag i find is a bit to big for some occasions but this one fits all the things i need for most occasions in it. it had loads of usefull compartments and as its black it gose with everything.

Ive been going nail polish crazy this month, as im not at school i can wear bight nail polishes more that two days in a row, my favorites at the moment have to be; Barry M gelly high shine in papaya and Rimmel london in number 39, not fogetting my fave top coat from No.7

And this month i have also been reading a lot more, both on my kindle as when im tired i find it hard to keep books open and just regular books such as this steal of a two in one book for just a £1.

i havent had as much favorites as usual this month. have you had any favorites this month?



Wednesday picks 11# on a friday!

aww man just realised i missed my wednesday picks this week, second week of the summer holidays and crazy family things got in the way.
My Wednesday picks gives me an outlet for the things i have appresiated in the past week!
  • Being on the summer holidays!
  • spending time with friends.
  • how well my best friend knows me and if i need her i know she will always be there!
  • finnishing a thick book in a week (never happened before!)
what things have you appresiated this week?