M is for ..............


Making stuff is always great because once you have made it you can say i made that! its also a good way of saving money and passing time.

Do you like making stuff? what have you made?



Style Crush; perrie edwards from little mix

Perrie Edward has a super cute personality and her style is amazing! her style is really boho and different  as she puts floaty maxi skirts and cute comic t-shirts together - that always looks good! All of her outfits are really like her personality and she always looks happy in what she wears. 

what do you think of perrie's style?



DIY; knot back top!

 What you need;
thread to match your top
tank top

How to make;
 1; cut the straps half way
 2; knot the back

 3; pin the straps back together
 4; sew them back together!

And then your done!

This is such an easy and effective way to re-envent an old tank top!

If you give this a try, I would love to see the results, Tweet me a picture @smozzy14



What Smozzy Did #1

I havent done an instagram post in a while so I thought insted of a 'my week inpictures' post I would do a 'What Smozzy Did' which shows what ive been up to for a few weeks!

 Feather broatch how cuteee!| hello mr tea nice of you to join me| painting my nails
YUM!| lovely view of the sea| my DIY aztec pattern shorts 'Post here'
Floral nails Done :D | having a sleepover| all i need for a winter day! cosy slippers&friends!

what have you been up to?



L is for ................

 Lace is super cute, and great for adding that little something to an outfit or a piece of clothing. Lace can be very girly as its floral and pretty; Its perfect for adding a bit of girlyness to a grungy oufit. Lace must take ages to make as it is amazingly detailed and really strong. 

What do you think of lace? Do you like it? Do you think its super cute like me?



Review; angelica - primark nail polishes

Angelica - Primark ; £2.50

I picked this nail polish up last week in primark im so glad I did as I LOVE the colour and the polish itself! Its such a cute colour its an orange pink so basically a light coral colour its great for when you want nail polish on but not a heavy dark colour. The consistance of the polish is quite thin so you need two coats but its well worth it as it lasts a good long time and also comes off quite easy and dosent leave a horrible mess. It dosent feel heavy on your nails either so thats always a plus! The applocator is easy to use and covers the whole of your nail so you only need two brushes to apply colour. I bought it thinking it would be cheap and an avarage polish but i am very pleased and would recomend it to anyone! 

have you tryed this nail polish? what do you think of it?



DIY; custom nail polish!

What you need;
an old eyeshadow
clear nail polish
something to mash and cut the eyeshadow up with 
a old spooon
a funnel

How to make;
 1. mash and cut up the eyeshadow
 2. put the mashed up eyeshadow onto a spoon

 3. place your funnel into the top of your clear nail polish bottle

 4. put the eyeshadow into the funnel and it will go through to the clear nail polish then shake (alot!)

And your done!

I also did this with two other nail polishes and they all turned out really well im so glad i gave it a try! its a really cheap and effective way to make a new nail polish!



A teeny tiny primark haul

  angelica- sorbet 89 =£2.50

angelica- be mine 84= £2.50

skirt= £7.00



K is for..............


 Kimono's are super cute and great for summer, as they are perfect for throughing over a casual summer outfit in the chilly evenings. There are so many beautifull kimono's out there this season as it is bang on trend. Added to an oufit it give the outfit a bizzar mystery to it as the kimono's are so cute. kimono's are great for festival's! Im thinking of mabey making a kimono and mabey doing a DIY post to show you all how to do it. 

do you like kimono's

p.s i do not own these images i have got them off of google images


Style Crush; jade thirlwall from little mix

 Jade's style in my opinion has got better over the year since she was on X-factor. I love jade's style as it is quirky but she almost every time get her look so right! Her style shows her personality of really well her style is her and if its not you can see she isnt comfortable. jade's style is all about geek chic so think braces, bow ties and shirt buttoned all the way up. Also i love the way she teams patterns with bold colours. she always looks amazing and enjoys what she wears!

do you like jades style?



DIY; half aztec, dipped bleached, high waisted shorts!

What you need;
bleach (domestos)
permenant fabric pen (black)
water eraserble fabric pen
board to put under shorts just incase the pen goes through.
right angled triangle ruler
How to make
Step 1; fill up a bucket half water half bleach.
 Step2; put your shorts halfway into the bleach and leave for 8 hours or untill turns white.
Step 3; after 8 hours take out and place the shorts in cold water to get rid of some on the bleach.
Step4; add washing powder to cold water and hand wash the shorts.
Step5; wash in cold water again to get rid of soap and hang out to dry.
Step6; while waiting for them to dry plan your aztec pattern.

Step7; after your shorts have dry'd take your water eraserble pen and draw your aztec pattern onto the shorts.

Step8 after you have done one side do the back.

Step9; place a board into your shorts and colour in you aztec pattern using your perminant fabric pens being very carefull.

Step10; after youve done one side start on the back. then after youve done the back, place a cloth over your design and iron them to make the pens set. Hand wash them to get the water eraserble pen out and your done!!!

They look really effective and I really enjoy'd making them as always! 
If you try this i hope you enjoy yourself two and i hope they turn out really well!

happy making daisies!