DIY bunting necklace

What you need;
fabric glue
fabric marker

how to make;

 1. measure and cut out little dimonds.

 2. glue onto chain, peg and remove chain, leave to dry.
 3. after leaving to dry, thread onto chain. then your done!


life of the blogger 3#

001; Ive been very crafty this week making these flower broaches which are dead cute and making my brothers girlfriend a christmas pressie.

002; my grandad died this week which was a shock, but he has had canser for a while and im glad he is no longer in pain, but will miss him greatly. 

003; Im getting really excited as its less than a month till christmas and wanting it to snow really badly!!!!

have a great week daisies!


DIY collar tips out of earrings

 What you need;

how to;

001. take the back of the earring then snip a little bit of the back so it dosent poke you, and your done, easy peasy!


Life of the blogger 2#

001. this week has flown past so quickly I cant really remember what ive done. 

002. I know I helped my mum and dad clear and clean our house for some furniture on its way over from my grandads.

003. I help my dad put my curtains up and make my mum some office space.

Thats all ive really done, What have you been up to?


Life of the blogger 1#

01. I thought as I dont use instagram enough to do a weekly post, I would to a weekly life post every monday and I shall call it life of the blogger.

02. I joined pinterest! I got a bit addicted while on my brothers account this weekend and took the bullet yesterday and made an account. There are so many DIY insparations on pinterest its mad!

03. A family friend gave me some clothes that her daughter didnt want anymore two pairs of brand new boots and an amazing coat/blazer, they are all amazing and the coat has never left my side since!

04. As you might have gathered i went to see my brother and his girlfriend at uni this weekend, he showed us his work; I am so pround of him as his work is soo much better than last year!

hope you enjoyed this little post!


DIY friendship bracelets

what you need;
embroidery thread

how to make
1. cut the embroidery thread long anough to fit round your hand three times, cut five all the same size.
2. knot all the embroidery thread together and tape to a tabel.

 3. knot one of the threads round the other four twice.

4. carry on with all the other colours
5. knot at the other end when done then tie on your hand then your done!


Review; Nivea soft - refreshingly soft moisturising cream

This stuff is amazing! As i have sensitive and dry skin, i need a moistuiser that mousturises and also dosnt effect my exma. Its very mouisturising and not too heavy which is always a good thing. I use this on my face, its very soft and works really well. Its lasted for ages and i would definatly repurchace this, it also comes in a big pot. 

Have you tried this? what do you think?



Owl necklace;claires-£6.50

This is super cute and a great statment piece, I am in love with this!