Wednesday Picks 3#

So this weeks pick is pinterest, if you havent heard of pintrest Then you probably havent lived its basically an only pinboard, I used it most for gathering idea's for DIY's. Its super easy to use and you can make individual boards for different catagory's. there are different catagorys for different subjects (i like DIYand Craft and geek ones the best) and there is a searchbar which is great if you are looking for a sertan thing. Honestly i do spend a lot of time on there but its really addictive! you should definately take a look, and of corse follow me 'here'.


Wednesday Picks 2#

So todays pick is mary katrantzou, how beautiful are her designs/creation? Answer very! For school i had to research a fashion designer, i wanted to find one i new little about so i chose mary. I love how she uses her education in arcutechture to influence her designs! and how she used stamps to influence her creations in the picture. And do i even need to mention the beautiful butterfly on the front of the middle dress, so pretty! Aswell as designing a collection for topshop she creates outfits for many celebraties including alesha dixon and alexa chung, both outfits as beautiful as the ones in the picture above!

Do go and check out some more creations of hers, dont spend as many hours as you did on the lush website ;).


Wednesdays picks 1#

So new kind of post today, im all for new posts as i never know what to post about. Wednesdays picks is going to be my weekly picks durr, every wednesday i will try to find somthing remotely intresting to share from fave music atm to style trends to tv programs, exciting huh! so here's this weeks wednesday pick.

 Image from pintrest.
 This week i have gone a bit lush mad, it all started from reading a review of one of there products and thinking oh i will check out there website and see if its pricey. I have to sadly admit i have never been to lush or even used there product (que the shock of horror). I have always wanted to though but thought it was pricey. after looking on the lush website and seeing its reasibably priced for what it is, although trying to save money i am tempted! Then while on the website i checked out some of there products i found out you can watch the products being made on there youtube channel, once again i have to admit i might have watched most of the video's on how they make there products :S. anyway after spending hours on both their website and youtube channel (im only a lil obsessed :S) i am VERY tempted to spend my money.

Lush website; 'here'
Lush youtube channel;'here'  so you can spend all day watching how lush products are made, have fun!


A Meadow Full Of Daisies is 1 !!!!!!

I Have been blogging For a year, Whattttttt When did this happen? A Meadow Full Of Daisies is 1 years old today, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear A Meadow Full Of Daisies, happy birthday to you. wow thats so hard to sing :P
 well its been a year full of WIWT's, DIY's, Reviews, wishlists, Favorites and many many pictures. Thanks for sharing this journey with me lets hope the road keeps going! Also thanks to all my followers for sticking with me and my ramberlings. Happy Birthday Blog Have and amazing day!



April 2013's Etsy Picks!

hola, so normally around this time i would post my april wishlist but i thought instead each month i would post my 3 etsy picks of the month. so regular readers of A Meadow Fulll Of Daisies would probably know by now i have an etsy shop 'Todaisies' (link click on name) since getting my shop i have been on the etsy website checking out my compitition, these are my 3 picks of this month.

1. Wooden Fox Brooch 'Link' ;Layla Amber Handmade Creations = £10.00. how Cute is this? stupid question really; its very cute! i love this cutie very muchly and £10 for this no doubt when i have money i am totes (yes i said totes :P) buying this!

2. Daisy dish ring holder 'Link' ; Damson tree= £15.00. I found it hard to pick just one thing from this shop everything is beautifully designed, in the future i can only wish to be as good as them.

3. Lilac dot ring 'Link' ; zsuzsanna bekefi= £14.51. although a bit priceyer than i would usually go for this ring would go with anything and look effortlessly pretty. such a statement peice.

Do go and check these peices out and have a look what else they have in there shops!



5 thinks ive been loving this month! April2013

Hey remember me? im the one that writes this blog (or wateva)! hehe all joking aside ive just been really busy and i know thats no reason to not blog but its my blog and ima just blog when i feel like it and im not too busy. i always end up blogging in the day so im gunna try somthing new and blog in the evenings maybe, i think thats a good idea!

anyway with that out the way lets get on to my monthy fave's, when i first started blogging i did these and i want to start doing these kind of post again to review what ive been loving this month. so thats enough talking about it.

001. ive got into tea again, Yay! i used to drink tea all the time in the summer but i just got sick of it (how?!?). so when in asda with the broface (brother) he was looking at the tea and i saw cinnamon and mango tea, at first i was like eww but then i smelt it and OMD it smells amazing. anyway i drank all of that box and couldnt find it again but i found cherry and cinnamon and its not as good but defo up there! tea in a travel mug is much better!

002. taking walks along the beach and picking up shells (i now have thousands). this month weve seen the warmish weather come to england (well for england), in any weather i like to walk on the beach but more in the warmer weather than the colder.

003. making jewelry for my new etsy store Todaisies; 'link here'.

004. DVD or TV; watching scrubs. I found scrubs season two for £5 in a charity shop this month bargain! its nice to put something funny on while making jewelry!

005. Youtube channel; 'Tania tells'. Tania's channel is a fashion/beauty channel i love her massive hauls and her fashion sense!