So I started a Etsy shop; Todaisies

So hey, from the title you probably already know what im going to talk to you about today and yes you guessed right i started a Etsy shop! ive been wanting to start an shop for ages now and this week i finally took the jump and founded one. it didnt take long to set up an Etsy store and it was super easy! at the moment i currently have 5 things up on the site as you can see so go on over and have a nosy! link here> 'Todaisies'

have you got an Etsy store? i would love to have a look if you do!


Life of the blogger 6#

hiya, so yesterday mum, dad and i went for a walk on the beach as it was such a beautiful warmish day and i thought i would show you the pictures i took. the beach near where i live is mostly rocky so as we clambered over the rocks we looked in rockpools but we didnt find anything. i love going for walks on the beach especially when the weather is nice.

what do you like doing when the sun is shineing?


DIY denim&lace clutch bag

hiya, so today im going to show you how i make a denim and lace clutchbag i got the idea off of one of my favorite blogs 'This Fashion Is Mine' (do go and cheack the blog out! these bags are super easy and great for whenever and they dont eat a whole in your purse which is always a plus, they also use up the fabric from bottoms of jeans when you make them into shorts. so lets get started!
What you need;
denim fabric.
needle and thread.
tape measure or ruler.
lace for the bottom. 

how to make;
1. mesure the zip and add one more inch for sewing then measure your denim from one seam (so you dont have to sew the bottom aswell) and mark.
  2. cut out your material.
3. pin and sew your zip onto the top of the bag.

 4. pin and sew up the sides of the bag, turn inside out and then your done.

 i felt the bag was a bit plain so i added some lace to the bottom.

if you do give this a go i would love to see how yours turned out so please tweet me a pic @smozzy14.


New in 4#

hiya, so yesterday me and my mum popped into town to do a bit of charity shopping, on the way we might have popped into boots two to pick up a few bits.

1. boots simply sensitive, day moisturizer SPF15- boots; £1.85. ive been on the hunt for a new moisturizer for ages as my old one still ok wasnt really working for me but i didnt want to pay a fortune, so thats the main reasion we went into boots. i found this one and ive tried it twice already and i like it. i might even do a review on it so watch this space.

2. boots botanics cleansing face wipes- boots; £1.68. while looking for moisturizers we came across the botanics range that ive heard some great reviews of so i picked up some face wipes ive also used these and im pretty pleased so another review?

3. natural collections nail polish in lunar haze- boots;£1.89. aslo after we found the others just like me my mum loves nail polish so we went for a snoop in that department and found this gorgeous colour which my mum chose and now i love it so well done mother!

4. mini hair clips- british heart foundation;99p. ive also been looking for some mini hair clips for a while to get my hair out of my face while down. these basic ones are perfect and for 99p you cant go wrong.

5. shorts- british heart foundation;£4.55. i saw these shorts and thought they would be great for summer and not a bad price so i snapped them up.

6. jumper- british heart foundation; £3.50. onto my favorite perchase of the day this gorgeouse greyish silvery jumper which is so thick and warm. although its spring its a great time to go charity shopping for winter clothing as people nomally donate there winter clotheing in spring.

good monings shopping i think.

also i wanted to add a few pics of this dress i made myself yesterday in to show you all you will probably see it in better lighting in the summer.


Nail post; Purpley red black.

Oh hey, a post, i was going to post this on monday but time totally went by too quickly you know what its like in the hols. well anyway lets get on with the post, when decideing what to buy with a boots voucher i straight away thought nail polish, this with one more was what i found. this shopping trip being around christmas i have only just plucked up the corage to wear this, my first darkish colour nail polish other than a dark red. this is such a beautiful purpley redish colour that when in bad lighting looks a bit black - i think i have fallen in love, made by maybelline new your called extreme blackcurrent 05.  on top i added my fave top coat to add some shine No7 stay perfect clear 20. i love this combernation and will definately be wearing dark colours like this more!

also i would love it if you ventered over to my brothers brand new blog about his illustrations and ramberlings to cheak it out!  http://jamesosbornillustration.wordpress.com/ -thanks.



DIY elbow patches

 What you need;
a jumper (i got mine from a charity shop.)
measuring tape
eraserble marker
needle and thread
patch print out (i got mine of the internet)
fabric of your choice.

how to.

 1. put a mark where you want your elbow patches at and then make sure they are in the same place by measuring.

 2. on your print out add about an inch around the ouside, cut out, then pin to the material and draw around with your marker.

 3. cut out your fabric and cut out the print out propally then place in the middle of your oval.

 4. cut slits alway down the to the print out then pin and tack so it dosent fray when added onto your jumper.

 5. pin in place then sew onto your jumper making sure the middle of the patch in over the cross where you want it. then unpick the tack then your done!