Whats going on?

somethings happend to my blog, some of the pictures on my blog have gone black with a warning sign on them. I dont understand whats going on!
do you know whats happening? has this happend to you?



My week in pictures 7#

LOVE these things!| sucsesfull dyeing| DIY clutch bag
Ironing for mum| how do i loose so many of these| got ma medle for winning the olimpics ;)
YUM popcorn watching the olimpics| started a new book&loving it!| listening to music in the sun

what have you been up to this week?


Style Crush; Vanessa hudgens

Vanessa's style is very boho and festivaly so think flowing maxi's, croche'd cardi's and floral head bands. she always looks comfotable and flawless in her clothes! maxi skirts, maxi dresses and denim shorts are key peices in vanessa's wardrobe- always worn with cute acsessorise. my favorite acsessory of hers has to be a floral headband that instantly gives something girly to the outfit  - very vanessa! vanessa is not afraid to experiment with her style but i personally think she looks best in festivaly clothes.

what do you think of vanessa's style?

P.s i do not own these images i got them off of google images.


G is for.............


Galaxy is everywhere at the moment as it is so pretty and out of this world *hehe had to say it :P*. there are so many different types of it and so many thing you can put it on. I try'd to have a go at a galaxy t-shirt it was a fail to say the least but i created an explotion tee and im pretty chuffed with it. Next time i try one i will know what im doing hopefully. I love galaxy prints because i have always wondered if there is anything out in space and in some sence it makes me feel closer to space if you know what i mean? at the bottom on the left hand side those shorts are gorgeous i wouldnt mind having a pair of them!

do you like galaxy prints? have you given galaxy a go?


p.s I only own one of these pictures i got the rest off of google images.


DIY; lace collar

I am loving collars at the mo they are a suttle but effective way to add a little something to an outfit heres my DIY lace collar!

Step 1; measure and mark all the way along the middle of you wide lace trimm.
 Step2; cut along where you have marked.
Step3;put the two ends together and sew to make a v shape.
 Step4; fold the to ends of the v shape and sew.
 Step5; measure and cut the thin lace trimm for ties.
Step6; sew the thin lace trimm onto the corner of the v shape.

and your done!

Hope you enjoy doing this if you give it a go i would love to see how yours turned out tweet me a picture @smozzy14



NOTD; minty purpleeeeee

L-R No7 stay perfect; Clear20| BarryM;304 mint green| BarryM;308 Berry

Yesterday i went into my local town to pic up a few things, as I went round superdrug they had an £1 off offer on Barry M nail polishes and i coundnt resised. i picked up a mint green which i am in love as it is the perfect colour ever! and pinkish purple which goes really well with the mint green! Although you have to two coats on to get the right consistance, I have always loved barry m nail polishes as their brushes are the just the right size and that makes it easy to apply to the nail. The top coat i have used on my nails amazing best one i have used in a long time, as it dry's really quickly and holds you polish in place! i thought it would be a change to have on one hand all my fingers purple but the ring finger mint and a reverse on the other hand.

what do you think of barry m and no7 nail polishes?



Style Crush; Zooey Deschanel

I have always loved zooey since i first saw her in 500 days of summer, (my fave movie ever!) her characters style is very like how she dresses in real life. Her style is very pretty and girly she always looks amazing and respectable! her style is also very retro- pretty little summer dresses, cute ballet pumps, girly and quirky clutches and bags and lots of pastle colours! Vintage is very important in zooeys style. Her hair always looks flawless, without her fringe she is not zooey- Fringe= zooey! I think zooey is my ultermate style crush!

What do you think of zooey's style?



My week in pictures 6#

PJ bottoms| reading| DIYing explosion top
New tripod!| hehe love lucozade bottles| pocket of my new fave jeans
Explosion top| Photoshoot in woods| watching authur cuz im coooool;)

what have you been up to this week?


F is for..............

 floral is very in season right now and im loveing it! ive always been a fan of floral i think its because it looks pretty and also so much detail. i have already done a DIY on this 'here' if you want to cheak that out. i find floral adds a bit of girly ness to an outfit and makes an outfit look cute. if you team it with a leather jaket you add a bit of rock chic to it aswell. floral also looks good as jewelry and also adds a bit of girly ness to an outfit. 

do you like floral?



recent buys

Charity shop

£3.30 british heart foundation
i have been looking for a cute pair of high waisted trousers for a while now and didnt want to pay a fortune; i found these and was like ' im getting these!'

 2 lace trimmings for 20p each
these will be great for DIY's and for 20p :O


i have also been saving up for a tripod, i was on amazon the other day and found This tripod priced quite reasonable'y priced. Ive only had it for 2hours but so far i am pleased with it as it holds my camera and is very sterdy!

what have you bought recently?


Review; Vaseline Moisture Locking body lotion.

As i have sensitive skin and also dry skin I need a moisturiser that dosent make me go red and blochy but moisturises my skin - this product is definately what i was looking for!
This moisturiser does exacly what it says on the bottle as it; instantly moisturises your skin, its not greasy or sticky and it delivers 24 hours of moisture. a little dab of this goes a long way, which means it will last for ages. Its really nourishing and i have noticed a big difference in the look and feel of my skin; it dosent look and feel dry anymore. I am really pleased i gave this product a try as i am very pleased with the results and now use it everyday! If you have sensitive skin and dry skin i would recomend this product as it has helped my skin alot!

have you try'd this product?
 what do you think?



My week in pictures 5#

Love maynards| Ready for my Studded collar DIY| talking to my bestie about this the other day
Studded collar done! | love my new keyring| makeing lists
Love this ring| DIY floral shorts| print on my skirt- lovee!

what have you been up to this week?


style crush; jessie j

I love jessie j's style because she not afraid to experiment and she is really inspiring as she dosent care what people think about her. she is always smiling even if she has a broken foot! print and pattern are key pieces in jessie j's style. she amazing even if she is having a lazy day! 

what do you think of jessie j's style?



E is for............

 Embroidery is such a simple way to add pictures onto fabric also it looks so pretty and you can embroider anything you like. I am learning to do this so that i can embroider onto collars, ive been thinking of doing a DIY to using this.

Do you like embroidery?


DIY; Studded collar.

What you need;  a butter knife
a shirt with a collar 

How to make
 Step 1; push the studs through the material.
Step 2; fold over the back of the studs using your butter knife and your done.

This is just a quick and easy way to add a bit of edge to an outfit.



DIY; re-style last years shorts

These shorts i got from tesco's last year, this year i have got a bit bored of them so i thought as floral is in style right now i would sew floral material onto the pockets. i love how they tuned out !

How to make:

Step1; measure the shorts pockets leaving room for a hem.

 Step2; cut the material out.

Step3; pin the material onto the pockets.
 Step4; sew it on.

Step 5; after sewing al three sides leaving the open pocket bit cut the excess material and sew along so you can still put stuff into your pocket.

Step6; then when youve done both of the front pockets turn over and do the back two pockets just the same as the front. And then your done!

im really happy with the end result and i am pleased i did them they look so pretty and are right on trend.