C is for......

Collars are really in style this year and i am loving it! There are so many different types of collars. studded collars are so easy to do and they look so effective *thinking of doing a DIY studded collar so watch this space!*. 'Here' I have already done using a collar of an old shirt. also peter pan collars always look cute espeically the lace one's! i think collars are a gorgeouse way to add something to a boring outfit!

Do you like collars?



DIY; Scruffy bow out of jean bottoms.

I did a DIY a few days ago Here and i didnt want to waist good fabric so i made a cople of bows out of the leaft overs.

how to make; 
 Step1; cut the hem of the bottom.

 Step2; run your fingers along the bottom of the fabric to fray the fabric to make it look scruffy.

 Step3; cut the hem to fit around the middle of the bow.

 Step4; place the middle in place and sew it up.

i made two of these one from each trouser leg.

I didnt know what to do with them i have made one into a cuff bracelet this is how i did that.

Step1; sew on 2 snap fasterner and your done easy as that !

Any idea's what to do with the other one?

an easy way to get a new bracelet and your not waisting anything!



Style crush ; michelle keegan

Michelle keegan has always been and amazing actor on corrie *Coronation street*. She is one of my style crushes because she always looks amazing and always adds colour and/or beautiful accsesorises to an outfit. Her outfits are very girly but yet they have a rock chic element to them. In the first picture i love the fact that as it is a really girly outfit she has added a leather jacket this is very michelle.

do you like michelle's style?



My week in pictures 2#

eating strawberry laces | hehehe afro finger | Massive bow on my bun :O
hate these sayings but love this one | favorite film ever | yummy cherry's
Tie-dye skirt on the washing line | DIY bow cuff bracelet | love these tights

what have you been up to this week?

Instagram; @smozzy14

DIY; tie-dye skirt

In my last OOTD Here i showed you a skirt i had tye-dye'd and mentioned there would be a tutorial up soon, well here it is!
 skirt tutorial Here

How to make.
 Step1; tie lots of rubber bands on the skirt anywhere you like.

Step2; fill half a bucket full of water. then put the skirt into the water and pore half a quater of bleach into the bucket and leave for 1 hour.
 Step3; after one hour check it and it should have started to take the black dye out of the skirt and turning it orange * i didnt really expect it to turn orange but o'well*

 Step4; after another hour turn the skirt over using gloves and add salt to open up the fabric and make the dye come out more.
Step5; after another hour take the skirt out of the bucket using gloves and rince in cold water to get rid of most of the bleach.
Step6; rub some detergent into the skirt to take out the bleach even more.

Step 7; take the rubber bands off the skirt and rince again.
Step8; leave it to dry and your done!

Tie dye is very in this summer and it can be soo expensive but this such an affordible way to get such an effective look.

will you be trying this? if so hope it goes well and you enjoy it!


B is for.......

 Boohoo.com is an online fashion website. although most of its clothing and acsesorises are a bit overpriced i love almost everything on their website and I love having a brouse through their stock when i have 5 mins spair time. when you have come across something that you like you can have a closer look and i love the fact it has little style notes hinting how to where the piece of clothing you have chosen. 

Here is the link to the website if you would like to check it out.

do you like boohoo?



DIY; three quater lenth jeans

how to make;
Step1; measure the amout you would like to take off (i took of 10cm all the way round) and make a line with a marker all the way round.

Step2; cut along the line you made.

 Step3; measure how much turn up you would like and then pin it.

 Step4; sew the two sides up on the seems they already have.
step5; do an invisible stich halfway between the two seems.

 And your done!

this is such an easy way to turn your old jeans that are two short for you into three quater lenth jeans! I am planning to dip dye them purple and will be showing you how to do that as well.

will you be trying this?



DIY; making bracelets

How to make
Step1; get two peces of string, half them and tie a knot. 

Step2; take two peces of string leaving two in the middle. take one of the two outside strings and take it behind the middle two and above the other outside string. Now take the other string and put it throungh the loop of the other string. pull both strings tight and repeat as many times as you like.

 Step3; add some beads if you like and carry on.
Step4;make to knots when you have finnished.

 Step5; take the two longer strings and make sure it fits before you tie a knot add a bead and tie another Knot, and then cut the sting you dont need.
then your done :)

 hope you enjoy making your bracelet