Wednesday Picks 17#

Well hello internet daisies, how’s your week been? If your new here Wednesday picks is a post I do nearly every Wednesday (when I remember :S it turns out I post these more on a Thursday but who's keeping check?) about the things that i have been grateful for or have made my week 10x better.

  • Hot chocolate now the weather is cold!
  • New blog url finally! 
  • making hair scrunchies for my etsy shop.
  • the big bang theory when you have a cold.
  • the weather getting colder.
  • 75 days till christmas
im off to watch waterloo road now, but what has made your week better this week.


Guest post! Todaisies 5 key necklace review.

Take a look at the necklace 'here'

When Smozzy (my cousin) gave me this lovely necklace from her Etsy shop for my birthday, I loved it so much I offered to do a review on it! Here I am wearing the five key necklace. I love how versatile it is. You can wear so many different styles with it. The necklace is also quite unique and different to high street jewellery. Go over to Smozzy's Etsy shop and buy it! - Liz

check out my cousin liz's Flickr 'here' for some more beautiful photo's!

I did not ask my cousin to do this review she offered and all words/thoughts are 100% hers!