Wednesday Picks 7#

A post where i tell you the little or big things that have happened this week that have made me smile.

  • Seeing friends i havent seen in over 4 years.
  • finally perfecting (well perfect for me) the butter icing swirl.
  • sorting out shop jewelry and finding a big box to put it all in.
  • Speaking to my best friend more regulary.
  • walks along the peir with the family.

 what things have made you smile this week?


Wednesday picks 6#

so once again its that time where i share with your the little or big things that i have loved this week!

  • We have six daisy bushes in our garden and now its june the daisies look amazing in the sun, so i went outside to get some photographes.
  •  my little etsy store 'Todaisies' past its first goal i set for it, im soooo proud!
  • my grandma and a friend sent me spare buttons and beads for making jewelry out of.
  • i found loads of new blogs to follow!   
what little or big things have happened in your life this week to make you happy?


Wednesday Picks 5#

So its that time of the week where i share with you the little or big things that i appreciated this week.

  • My brother giving me a picture of a dinosaur.
  • Getting a chance to take some photography with my family in the evening.
  • Makeing Commition earrings for a costemer, I loved designing with them then creating the product for them!
  • Getting my hurrr (hair) cut.
  • the fact that its finally starting to look and feel like summer (maybe not today). 
 What little or big things have you appreciated this week?


May 2013 etsy picks.

1. Cloud Necklace; 'lunahoo' £24.41. This necklace is very cute, the intricate detail of the cloud is amazing, although a bit pricey for a special occasion this would be a perfect birthday present.

2.Lightning bolt mold; 'Molds' £3.29. Ive been looking into polymer clay recently as an idea for the future of my shop, i found loads of really cool molds and this shop is perfect for any kind of mold you need. i love the lightning bolt one the most! 

3. Camera engraved ring; 'Jennifer wood' £17.81. I am in love with this ring :S and many more on this website! this website has loads of ingraved rings and loads of beautiful jewelry! but this i love the most! its very me!

check out the websites if your not on a spending ban, hehe.



Wednesday Picks 4#

Hiya, so basically recently ive been needing a post where whatevers happening on a wednesday i can spend 5 minutes writing an easy post. So ive been finding my usual wednesday picks arent really me, i end up picking somthing and ramberling about it but its not what i personally want to write about, so instead of doing that i have decided that every wednesday i will write a post about a few big or little things that made the past week better so here goes!

001.Wakeing up to watching my second favorite episode of friends, the one with ross and the leather pants- look it up on youtube if you have never watched it!

002.Eating chocolate after a exam.

003. walking along the peir to the lighthouse with my family.

004. sticking glow in the dark smiley faces above my bed on the ceiling(looks kinda greepy at night but still pretty cool)

What little things have made your week better?


5 things ive been loving this month! may 2013

So its that time again when i ramble on about the things ive been loving this month.

1. A youtube channel; Beautycrush, If you havent heard of sammi from 'beautycrush' you definately need to check her channel out, she makes amazing beauty and fashion videos, and she also has a vlog cannel! i personally really enjoy her lookbooks! she is in this months favorites as ive really been enjoying looking through her how i style videos!

2. Futurama, This month my brother came back from uni and we have been watching two episodes every morning. we are now on series 5 ( there are seven) ive never watched futurama before but i love it, my favorite charracter is dr zoidbery he's so funny (btw i drew the pic for my bro hehe).

3. St.Ives sensitive skin apricot scrub gentle, I got this the end of last month, I have used it every night without a doubt, i love this gentle scrub so much. i will do a review of this soon!

4. Game; Nutty Fluffies, this game is soo addictive! its super easy to play at first but then it gets harder and even more addictive. its free, funny and a must buy for somone who likes addictive games!

5. Dye, in the half term i went a bit crazy with dying, i loved it!



New In 5#

Hiya, so today i have a little haul for you, ive been to Newlook, dunelm and canser research, exciting, i know.

1. Polkadot high waisted trousers, Canser research; £3.95. The patten and feel of these trousers first caught me as i shifted the hangers along looking for whatever, i thought to myself wow there different, and i dont have anything else like these, and for the price i couldnt say no.

2. Black jeans, Newlook; £9.99. i was on a bit of a hunt for a pair of reasonably priced black jeans since my old pair no longer fitted me (man why am i so tall?) after looking in a few shops i spotted these in newlook and thought there perfect, i tried them on and that was it, we got to the counter and they sayed there was a £5 off all jeans sale on at the moment, bargin!

3. little green lidded pots, poundland,price? i will let you figger that out. i already have blue ones of these they are great for jewelry making storage!

4.perminant markers, poundland. ive been wanting a pack of different coloured sharpies for a while now and when i saw these for a £1, i thought even if they dont work (which they do really well) its still worth it.

5. buttons, dunelm; £2.29 each. another buy for the buisness.

6. Dye, dunelm; 3 for 2, £2.49 each. stocking up on dye, i got china blue, powder pink and intence violet.