New in 3#

001; So today after wanting a denim jacket for ages but not wanting the justify the prices of some of them out there, i went shopping with my mum in out local town just for some last minute shopping before my dads birthday on thursday. We went in a few charity shops and pick up a few bits including this amazing denim jacket.

002; I picked it up in Canser reasearch for a steel of £5.50 which is perfect for someone whos a bit of a cheepskate. It was originally from river island, and is in perfect secondhand condition. It fits like a dream and im so happy i didnt have to pay a fourtune for it, even now i am still amazed it was only £5.50 but im fine with that! 

003; Denim jackets are perfect for chucking on all year round, in summer its just cool enough for a hot day but in winter its perfect for layering with. 

004; i also picked up a cute cardigan from a different charity shop which you will probably see in a WIWT sometime soon. Im off now to play burger on my kindle as ive got a bit obsessed with that game. speak soon!


Review; Luscious Long leave in conditioner.

001. This stuff is amazingly brilliant for someone with mid/long hair. Its a life saver and im not even exaggerating!

002. I have been using this product for over a month now, on the mid to bottom section of my hair just before i blow dry it. from the moment I used it i noticed a difference; the bottom of my hair is so much more heither and softer. It says on the bottle it detangles and destresses your hair i would say it dose both! 

003. This stuff smells amazing two, which is a plus, it smells really fresh and fruity. And unlike some other hair products the smell isnt overpowering but if i somehow get a wiff of it ( not like i walk around smelling my hair or anything) it always makes my day better.

004. This is my go to hair product and only in a blue moon (or if i foget it) i dont use it. I would recomend this product to anyone who has mid to long hair or just has really bad split ends. I also would deffinately repurchase this as i have nothing bad to say about this product.      Im off to spend the night smelling my hair see ya soon!


life of the blogger 5#

001. So today/last night it snowed! The snow gave me the perfect chance to take my camera out for a walk and I wanted to share with you the pictures Ive just taken.

002. I love the way that the snow is melting and how its settled on a single twig; the combernation is super pretty. I just hope it stops melting and snows more!


Wishlist #1

001; Blog inc, i have read so many great reviews on this book and im hoping it might help me with codes for the design of the blog? hopefully.

002; Eclipse: Topshop, This nail polish is so beautiful! I love the fact that it could be blue, teal or dark turqoise.

003; Apsoloutely shore: essie, this being a really light mint green would be perfect for spring and summer.

004; Stylenomics: essie, A dark green with spakley simmers. For somone who's not to keen on sparkles (shock) I am totally supprised I am in love with this nail polish but it has happened.

005; pink beanie: Newlook £4.99, I love beanies for the colder seasons and this is such a cute colour for one.

006; bowler hat: topshop £15, I have been lusting over a bowler hat for so long but alas my money wont strech that far.

007; bag: asos £28, This being an amazing coloured bag and also the fact that its a backpack both draw me in but with the added print, oh my love!


New in 2#

1. stripy jumper, Primark; £8. I love the pattern/ coloures of this jumer and the fact it has a zip halfway down the back.

2. black simple top, primark; £2. I needed a simple back top and i like the style/fit of the ones in primark and the fact that they are quite cheep.

3. faux leather jacket, H&M; £29.99. I have always wanted a leather jacket so this year I used some of my christmas money to buy this baby. It fits perfect and im in love!

4.shirt, Primark;£3. This shirt is from the mens section, i was wondering around with my dad saw this and loved the patten of little ancores and realised it was reduced from £7 to £3, I snapped it up straight away.

5. Hair bands, primark; £1. not much to say about these really, really cheep basic bobbles.

6. necklace, asda; £3. this necklace originally £6 is beautiful, I love the fact its silver and gold. its just cute!!

7. tights, asda; £1.50. simple maroon tights.

8. maybelline 05 extreem blackcurrent, boots; £4.09. this is just a super nice colour that will be perfect for winter and auturm.

9. No7 sparkly khaki, boots; £6. another gorgeouse colour thats nutral enough to get away wearing all the time.



Happy new year, welcome to 2013


hello and welcome to 2013, I cant beleave how fast 2012 has gone, this last year has been full of new and exciting adventures, for one I started ;A Meadow Full Of Daisies which has opened so many doors. hopefully next year will be just as exciting as this year.

I hope you have an amazing year and enjoy all your new adventures.