recent buys

Charity shop

£3.30 british heart foundation
i have been looking for a cute pair of high waisted trousers for a while now and didnt want to pay a fortune; i found these and was like ' im getting these!'

 2 lace trimmings for 20p each
these will be great for DIY's and for 20p :O


i have also been saving up for a tripod, i was on amazon the other day and found This tripod priced quite reasonable'y priced. Ive only had it for 2hours but so far i am pleased with it as it holds my camera and is very sterdy!

what have you bought recently?


  1. Like the lace! A while ago I found we had some different antique laces in a cupboard so I've had great fun with them! I used some of it on an 1800s dress I made. :)


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