Febuary wishlist 2013

Hi hi, second month in 2013 already man this year is going fast! these are a few pieces if i was rich i would buy (probably never will be but a girl can dream right?).

1. gold moustash bracelet - asos; £8.95 recently i have been loving bracelets and found this one while drooling over the asos website.

2. tangle teezer - amazon; £9.99 I have heard so many great reviews about this baby but as my hair is curly have held of scared it would just make my hair frizzy and wavy. deffinately want to give it a try though.

3. dress- topshop; £26 this dress would be perfect for layering chunky knits and cute crop tops over.

4. earrings - 'here' ; £9.84 although i dont have my ears pierced these cute dino's would be perfect for collar studs and would look super effective.

5. jumper - h&m; £10 in such a lovely colour different to anything else i have got would look great layered over the topshop dress i metioned but unfortunately is out of stock :(

speak soon!


  1. love that jumper


  2. I adore the jumper, it's colour is amazing! The dress is super cute especially with a wooly jumper and some boots! <3



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