March Wishlist 2013

001. hiya, can you believe its march already im sure yesterday i was eating turkey and opening prezzies. but anyway on with the wishlist.

1. denim dungaree's - newlook; £23 I have a pair of dungaree's but there so old now and falling apart so these more structured dungaree's will fill a space in my wardrobe.

2. mi backpack- asos;£22 i have been needing a new backpack for ages now and i adore the colour and look of this one after umming and aring between this one and a black one with stars on i chose this one; but as most of the things on this wishlist why are you so pricey?

3. wreck this journal - amazon; £6.74 this book is everwhere at the moment and ive seen soo many good reveiws it looks like a really fun thing to do.

4. pinifore skirt - topshop; £56 this beauty is a definate dream but one i shall show you none the less, isnt it beautifull. its corderoy material mean it would last forever and a day and its dungaree likeness means it will never go out of fashion *wipes away drool from mouth*



  1. That pink pinafore skirt is lush! Great pick, I want one too!

  2. Thinking about it, I may try to make one myself.

  3. i love it! good idea do show me your results!


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