Wednesday Picks 21#

Hiya, so here's that wednesday post again you know on a thursday ;) blogging has been a bit of a fail lately i know, im not going to promise to blog more but hopefully the future will be less busy! Anyway 'Here'  is the post where i explain what my weekly (or monthly ;)) wednesday post is all about for you new commers. 

 source; my photo's.

this week has been a busy one, the last week before christmas always is i guess but this one has been full of school work and last minute shopping exciting i know.

  • Picking out gifts for friends and family knowing the look on their faces when the open them.
  • Wrapping up each of those gifts to send off before yesterday (wednesday), the last day of posting.
  • watching gilmore girls all week.
  • Vlogmas of course! 
  • christmassy songs playing in all the shops.
  • christmas is 6 dayyss away 6 DAYS wooop!
  • buying two new baking books with a voucher that i got for my birthday. ( watch this space for more baking blog posts!)
  • reaching another mile stone with my etsy store 'Todaisies'  
what are you thankfull for this week?


  1. beautiful! LOVE you blog design!


Thanks for your comment! I dont do follows for follows!! but leave your blog's name and if I can I will cheack it out anyway thanks for stopping by hope you will come again soon! xxx