Review; angelica - primark nail polishes

Angelica - Primark ; £2.50

I picked this nail polish up last week in primark im so glad I did as I LOVE the colour and the polish itself! Its such a cute colour its an orange pink so basically a light coral colour its great for when you want nail polish on but not a heavy dark colour. The consistance of the polish is quite thin so you need two coats but its well worth it as it lasts a good long time and also comes off quite easy and dosent leave a horrible mess. It dosent feel heavy on your nails either so thats always a plus! The applocator is easy to use and covers the whole of your nail so you only need two brushes to apply colour. I bought it thinking it would be cheap and an avarage polish but i am very pleased and would recomend it to anyone! 

have you tryed this nail polish? what do you think of it?



  1. Great post !

    wow that is a beautiful color !

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  2. I love the colour, but I am not sure that I like the consistency - it looks a little watery, even with two coats. :)

    1. same! i attually like the consistancy even with two coats its not attually that watery.


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