DIY; half aztec, dipped bleached, high waisted shorts!

What you need;
bleach (domestos)
permenant fabric pen (black)
water eraserble fabric pen
board to put under shorts just incase the pen goes through.
right angled triangle ruler
How to make
Step 1; fill up a bucket half water half bleach.
 Step2; put your shorts halfway into the bleach and leave for 8 hours or untill turns white.
Step 3; after 8 hours take out and place the shorts in cold water to get rid of some on the bleach.
Step4; add washing powder to cold water and hand wash the shorts.
Step5; wash in cold water again to get rid of soap and hang out to dry.
Step6; while waiting for them to dry plan your aztec pattern.

Step7; after your shorts have dry'd take your water eraserble pen and draw your aztec pattern onto the shorts.

Step8 after you have done one side do the back.

Step9; place a board into your shorts and colour in you aztec pattern using your perminant fabric pens being very carefull.

Step10; after youve done one side start on the back. then after youve done the back, place a cloth over your design and iron them to make the pens set. Hand wash them to get the water eraserble pen out and your done!!!

They look really effective and I really enjoy'd making them as always! 
If you try this i hope you enjoy yourself two and i hope they turn out really well!

happy making daisies!



  1. Omg these are amazing!! I would totally make them myself but I haven't got the time or patience ;) I would so buy these!! Loving the post :)
    Ally xoxox

  2. thanks Ally your so lovely!

  3. awww these are really awesome! your so talented girl!! x

  4. thanks lovely for the comment, I can't believe that you have made these, they look amazing, so professional looking! and the anwser to the mirror effect is, if you either have paint or photoshop on your computer, I don't have photoshop, so I use paint, and all you do is upload the pic you want, then make the space wider so some of it is white and then you click on paste from, upload the same picture and then click on the rotate button, to flip horizontal! hope that helps :) I'm following :) xx


  5. thanks! thanks and thanks again this has helped so much as i dont have photoshop either thanksss!


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