DIY denim&lace clutch bag

hiya, so today im going to show you how i make a denim and lace clutchbag i got the idea off of one of my favorite blogs 'This Fashion Is Mine' (do go and cheack the blog out! these bags are super easy and great for whenever and they dont eat a whole in your purse which is always a plus, they also use up the fabric from bottoms of jeans when you make them into shorts. so lets get started!
What you need;
denim fabric.
needle and thread.
tape measure or ruler.
lace for the bottom. 

how to make;
1. mesure the zip and add one more inch for sewing then measure your denim from one seam (so you dont have to sew the bottom aswell) and mark.
  2. cut out your material.
3. pin and sew your zip onto the top of the bag.

 4. pin and sew up the sides of the bag, turn inside out and then your done.

 i felt the bag was a bit plain so i added some lace to the bottom.

if you do give this a go i would love to see how yours turned out so please tweet me a pic @smozzy14.


  1. whaaat! this is so cute! i love it! in the holidays definitely going to make this xx

  2. this is amazing and looks so cute! You did such a good job! xo

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