5 things ive been loving this month! June 2013

Sorry this is late but ya'no' better late than never i guess!

1. Primark mens tee; primark £2.50. I have about 4 of these tees now in different colours of corse, they are in a super comfy material and go with just about everything!

2. Sunnies. Wow as it is finally summer (been waiting for ev's man!) I searched out my go to sunnies (havent got a clue where i got them but i love them none the less) out and honestly i am so happy to be wearing them again!

3. raspberry crush lip balm; Next; £1.00 for two. I bought set of two lipbalms around winter time with the pound i had left on my next gift card, i wasnt expecting much from the set but this one is such an hydrating lipbalm and its in a super sheer pink formular great for everyday where. the other one in the pack was a sheer red which i also love but i find it more a winter colour.

4. Fun For Louis (link here) ; A daily vlog youtube channel run by this guy called louis. i love his vlogs, he's always happy basically loves life! go check his channel out!

5. stupid smozzy labled it 6. but we shall foget this happened yeah? i have been loving this necklace this month its a pretty leaf and looks good with most outfits it just gives an edge to an outfit!


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