Empties 1#

Bit of a different post today, i love watching and reading these empties so i thought i would give it a go!

1. boots botanics cleansing face wipes; boots. i enjoyed using them but i didnt really see a difference in the brightness of my skin, they worked well, i would buy them again if i was in desperate need and these were the last on the planet.

2.Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub; tesco. worked well and larthered up well too, wouldnt repurchase as ive found one that works much better. smells lovely though!

3. Neutrogena spot stress control daily scrub; tesco. Didnt really do what it says it dose and the creamy/scrub consistance was honestly really weird, the microbeads wernt very micro and they disapired as soon as they touched the skin leaving a creamy mess. smelled nice though! wouldnt repurchace as i didnt like it.

4. batiste dry shampoo;boots. a basic essencial that every girl needs in her life; repurchased as i love the way it works and dosent leave white streaks in my hair.

5. colgate toothpaste. not much to say about it its just a toothpaste, it works weel and ive repurchased it!

6. Alberto balsam juicy green apple shampoo. repurchased! works well on my hair despite it being one of the cheepest shampoo's and unlike herbal essances dosent give me dandruff! 

hope you enjoyed this new kind of post!

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