My Favorite Nail Polishes for Summer!


No.7 stay perfect -04; the perfect top coat!

Rimmel london 60 seconds -39; Im not a pink lover usually but this has to be the perfect pink for me it has a faint shimmery glow to it which means it looks really good with any skin tone.

Barry M Gelly High shine- Papaya; Im not one to follow the hype but when i saw this on lily pebbles youtube video (check her channel out) i just wanted to go out and buy it, so i did! its alot brighter than i thought it would be and at first i wasnt keen but after about a day i fell in love.!

Posh polish beautyUK - 04 amethyst. this polish is the perfect shimmery purple number, it looks great with black flipflops and lasts for ages on your feet! my mum also loves this one!

Posh Polish BeautyUK- 05 moonstone. also great with black flipflops and shows of your tan really well! and again my mums a bit of a magpy so oviously loves this little sparkly number!

Natural Collection - 01 maple. a lovely orange shimmer colour almost browny a bit like a bronzer for your nails.

Natural Collections - 10 lunarhaze. Dontcha just love the name of this polish?!? and of corse i didnt buy it just for the name its a sheer lavender with blue tones nail polish, great for weddings!

Miss sporty metal flip - 39. How to decribe this polish wow this is hard! its a blue polishes that shimmers with purple, green and sometimes yellow! its a beautiful eye catcher!

what are your fave polishes for the summer?

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