Wednesday picks 19#

hiya, i havent posted in ages i know but alot has happened since last time i posted its been a busy few weeks. im not promising anything but hopefully i can post a bit more regually soon.
anyways, how’s your week been? If your new here Wednesday picks is a post I do nearly every Wednesday (when I remember :S it turns out I post these more on a Thursday but who's keeping check?) about the things that i have been grateful for or have made my week 10x better.

 scorce, my photography; somewhere in london.

  • family and how much mine support each other through hard times.
  • my brother and i watching 'the big band theory' together (new seires wooop)
  • photo's ive been looking through my old photo's they have so many memories.
  • finding the ultermate chocolate chip recipe ( i will share it with you all some time)
  • winning a blog give-a-way.
  • drinking more water (or trying to ;) )
what things are you greatfull for this week oor the past few weeks ;)


  1. Great photo, such an interesting looking building! Interesting to read about your goals too, who isn't trying to drink more water after all? :)


    1. thanks, i know might have fail just a lil bit ;)


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