Nail polish; natural collection; Maple.

I Love, love, love, this nail polish! It's a burnt orange colour and goes with everything. Athough it is more a autumn colour its great for spring! Natural colection polishes are really good quality and dont cost much either, the brush is good and holds a lot of polish and dosent fall apart like some. It lasts for a long time too! Overall it is one of the best nail polishes ive ever used and will be buying more natural collection polishes in the future.



  1. Your nails look so pretty! I have a few nail polishes by natural collection and I love them, they do some lovely colours and they're not expensive- definitely going to try this one!

    Great post and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I am just going to follow yours:)

    Hope you'll pop back soon:


Thanks for your comment! I dont do follows for follows!! but leave your blog's name and if I can I will cheack it out anyway thanks for stopping by hope you will come again soon! xxx