Review; Luscious Long leave in conditioner.

001. This stuff is amazingly brilliant for someone with mid/long hair. Its a life saver and im not even exaggerating!

002. I have been using this product for over a month now, on the mid to bottom section of my hair just before i blow dry it. from the moment I used it i noticed a difference; the bottom of my hair is so much more heither and softer. It says on the bottle it detangles and destresses your hair i would say it dose both! 

003. This stuff smells amazing two, which is a plus, it smells really fresh and fruity. And unlike some other hair products the smell isnt overpowering but if i somehow get a wiff of it ( not like i walk around smelling my hair or anything) it always makes my day better.

004. This is my go to hair product and only in a blue moon (or if i foget it) i dont use it. I would recomend this product to anyone who has mid to long hair or just has really bad split ends. I also would deffinately repurchase this as i have nothing bad to say about this product.      Im off to spend the night smelling my hair see ya soon!

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