Wishlist #1

001; Blog inc, i have read so many great reviews on this book and im hoping it might help me with codes for the design of the blog? hopefully.

002; Eclipse: Topshop, This nail polish is so beautiful! I love the fact that it could be blue, teal or dark turqoise.

003; Apsoloutely shore: essie, this being a really light mint green would be perfect for spring and summer.

004; Stylenomics: essie, A dark green with spakley simmers. For somone who's not to keen on sparkles (shock) I am totally supprised I am in love with this nail polish but it has happened.

005; pink beanie: Newlook £4.99, I love beanies for the colder seasons and this is such a cute colour for one.

006; bowler hat: topshop £15, I have been lusting over a bowler hat for so long but alas my money wont strech that far.

007; bag: asos £28, This being an amazing coloured bag and also the fact that its a backpack both draw me in but with the added print, oh my love!


  1. Hi, I really love that rucksack its gorgeous and its not a bad price either definitely going to have to pop over to asos.

    Your blog background is really cool too

    emily xx



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