New in 2#

1. stripy jumper, Primark; £8. I love the pattern/ coloures of this jumer and the fact it has a zip halfway down the back.

2. black simple top, primark; £2. I needed a simple back top and i like the style/fit of the ones in primark and the fact that they are quite cheep.

3. faux leather jacket, H&M; £29.99. I have always wanted a leather jacket so this year I used some of my christmas money to buy this baby. It fits perfect and im in love!

4.shirt, Primark;£3. This shirt is from the mens section, i was wondering around with my dad saw this and loved the patten of little ancores and realised it was reduced from £7 to £3, I snapped it up straight away.

5. Hair bands, primark; £1. not much to say about these really, really cheep basic bobbles.

6. necklace, asda; £3. this necklace originally £6 is beautiful, I love the fact its silver and gold. its just cute!!

7. tights, asda; £1.50. simple maroon tights.

8. maybelline 05 extreem blackcurrent, boots; £4.09. this is just a super nice colour that will be perfect for winter and auturm.

9. No7 sparkly khaki, boots; £6. another gorgeouse colour thats nutral enough to get away wearing all the time.


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