5 thinks ive been loving this month! April2013

Hey remember me? im the one that writes this blog (or wateva)! hehe all joking aside ive just been really busy and i know thats no reason to not blog but its my blog and ima just blog when i feel like it and im not too busy. i always end up blogging in the day so im gunna try somthing new and blog in the evenings maybe, i think thats a good idea!

anyway with that out the way lets get on to my monthy fave's, when i first started blogging i did these and i want to start doing these kind of post again to review what ive been loving this month. so thats enough talking about it.

001. ive got into tea again, Yay! i used to drink tea all the time in the summer but i just got sick of it (how?!?). so when in asda with the broface (brother) he was looking at the tea and i saw cinnamon and mango tea, at first i was like eww but then i smelt it and OMD it smells amazing. anyway i drank all of that box and couldnt find it again but i found cherry and cinnamon and its not as good but defo up there! tea in a travel mug is much better!

002. taking walks along the beach and picking up shells (i now have thousands). this month weve seen the warmish weather come to england (well for england), in any weather i like to walk on the beach but more in the warmer weather than the colder.

003. making jewelry for my new etsy store Todaisies; 'link here'.

004. DVD or TV; watching scrubs. I found scrubs season two for £5 in a charity shop this month bargain! its nice to put something funny on while making jewelry!

005. Youtube channel; 'Tania tells'. Tania's channel is a fashion/beauty channel i love her massive hauls and her fashion sense!

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