Wednesdays picks 1#

So new kind of post today, im all for new posts as i never know what to post about. Wednesdays picks is going to be my weekly picks durr, every wednesday i will try to find somthing remotely intresting to share from fave music atm to style trends to tv programs, exciting huh! so here's this weeks wednesday pick.

 Image from pintrest.
 This week i have gone a bit lush mad, it all started from reading a review of one of there products and thinking oh i will check out there website and see if its pricey. I have to sadly admit i have never been to lush or even used there product (que the shock of horror). I have always wanted to though but thought it was pricey. after looking on the lush website and seeing its reasibably priced for what it is, although trying to save money i am tempted! Then while on the website i checked out some of there products i found out you can watch the products being made on there youtube channel, once again i have to admit i might have watched most of the video's on how they make there products :S. anyway after spending hours on both their website and youtube channel (im only a lil obsessed :S) i am VERY tempted to spend my money.

Lush website; 'here'
Lush youtube channel;'here'  so you can spend all day watching how lush products are made, have fun!

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