April 2013's Etsy Picks!

hola, so normally around this time i would post my april wishlist but i thought instead each month i would post my 3 etsy picks of the month. so regular readers of A Meadow Fulll Of Daisies would probably know by now i have an etsy shop 'Todaisies' (link click on name) since getting my shop i have been on the etsy website checking out my compitition, these are my 3 picks of this month.

1. Wooden Fox Brooch 'Link' ;Layla Amber Handmade Creations = £10.00. how Cute is this? stupid question really; its very cute! i love this cutie very muchly and £10 for this no doubt when i have money i am totes (yes i said totes :P) buying this!

2. Daisy dish ring holder 'Link' ; Damson tree= £15.00. I found it hard to pick just one thing from this shop everything is beautifully designed, in the future i can only wish to be as good as them.

3. Lilac dot ring 'Link' ; zsuzsanna bekefi= £14.51. although a bit priceyer than i would usually go for this ring would go with anything and look effortlessly pretty. such a statement peice.

Do go and check these peices out and have a look what else they have in there shops!


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  1. The fox is my favourite - it looks all cosy and calm, curled up like that. I have a thing for badges and brooches - I have a little collection but because I value them so much they rarely see the light of day. I just take them out now and again and look at them xD
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x


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