J is for...............


Jewellery is such a cute and pretty way to add something small but effective to an outfit! You can mix and match with jewellery and you can even find a peice of jewellery that goes with every thing, you fall in love with and never want to take off. Its so easy to find a peice of jewellery you love, as this happened to me this moring as i was looking for the images, as you can see i found these quirky peices of jewellery and i love every one of them *these post are not good for me as im trying to save money*.

do you like jewellery?


please note i do not own these images i found them on google images.


  1. Yes I love jewellery! I don't really wear makeup so instead turn to a nice necklace or ring to brighten up my outfit! I absolughtly adore the moustache ring because of its quirkiness! And I also love the camera necklace because everybody knows I love photography and it express my personality!! Love this post.
    Ally xoxox

    1. same!
      i love all of them but the moustache ring is the best! hehe


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