DIY; peace sign, tie dye tee

What you need;
an old tee
dye- dylon bahama blue
peace sign print out
textile pen
gloves (optinal)

How to make;
Step 1; put lots of hair bands all over the tee.
Step2; add your dye to half a bucket of warmish water.
 Step3; add three table spoons of salt.
 step4; put your top into the mixture.
Step5; after leaving your mixture for 4 hours take out of bucket wash dye out with cold mixture then with washing powder then hang up to dry.
Step 6; place your print out where ever you would like.
Step7; then sellotape down all the corners.
 Step8; you can faintlysee the peace sign draw the middle line using a ruler.

Step9 then colour it in.

 Step 10; draw the other two lines then colour them in, then join all three lines using a curve shape.

 Step 11; draw two more curved lines to make a peace sign and colour thoes in.
 Step12; make sure you have done every thing then your done!

 Im not going to lie i did find it hard doing the peace sign but afterward I am pleased with all the hardwork i put into it as it looks really good if i do say so myself.

if you give this a try tweet me your results @smozzy14



  1. Okay THIS I have to try!!! I am all over peace signs and what they signify, I have it on a t-shirt, bracelets and a necklace! It looks like fun and turned out great :)
    Ally xoxox


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