DIY haul + an explanation

Dylon fabric dye- tropical green and goldfish orange; £2.99 each

Trago millls
 cutting board; £4.00

Truro fabrics
 dylon fabric pens; £4.50
wash and wear fabric glue;£4.66

 cotton cherry fabric; £6.00 per meter

 spray bottle; £1

gorgeouse fabric; present from my brother and his girlfriend.

all of these are going to be great for DIY's in the future.

Im not one for explaning why i havent been blogging beause i think its my choice when i blog and what i blog about ( being my blog) but i have been gone for quite a while that i think you need an explanation. ;Ive been on holiday *simple as* and i took the time while on holiday to have a break from blogging and think about what i want this blog to be about in the future, thats what holidays are for right! but i can assure you that im back after taking a few weeks out and i will be blogging as much as i can/i like!



  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the fabric! :)I'll check out the Truro fabrics link.

  2. Gorgeous fabrics!! Can't wait to see what all this is used for :) Hope you had a great hol :)
    Ally xoxox


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