May 2013 etsy picks.

1. Cloud Necklace; 'lunahoo' £24.41. This necklace is very cute, the intricate detail of the cloud is amazing, although a bit pricey for a special occasion this would be a perfect birthday present.

2.Lightning bolt mold; 'Molds' £3.29. Ive been looking into polymer clay recently as an idea for the future of my shop, i found loads of really cool molds and this shop is perfect for any kind of mold you need. i love the lightning bolt one the most! 

3. Camera engraved ring; 'Jennifer wood' £17.81. I am in love with this ring :S and many more on this website! this website has loads of ingraved rings and loads of beautiful jewelry! but this i love the most! its very me!

check out the websites if your not on a spending ban, hehe.



  1. The cloud necklace is so pretty and cute! And the lightning bolt reminds me so much of Harry Potter!!
    Marian ^_^ x


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