Wednesday Picks 4#

Hiya, so basically recently ive been needing a post where whatevers happening on a wednesday i can spend 5 minutes writing an easy post. So ive been finding my usual wednesday picks arent really me, i end up picking somthing and ramberling about it but its not what i personally want to write about, so instead of doing that i have decided that every wednesday i will write a post about a few big or little things that made the past week better so here goes!

001.Wakeing up to watching my second favorite episode of friends, the one with ross and the leather pants- look it up on youtube if you have never watched it!

002.Eating chocolate after a exam.

003. walking along the peir to the lighthouse with my family.

004. sticking glow in the dark smiley faces above my bed on the ceiling(looks kinda greepy at night but still pretty cool)

What little things have made your week better?

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