New In 5#

Hiya, so today i have a little haul for you, ive been to Newlook, dunelm and canser research, exciting, i know.

1. Polkadot high waisted trousers, Canser research; £3.95. The patten and feel of these trousers first caught me as i shifted the hangers along looking for whatever, i thought to myself wow there different, and i dont have anything else like these, and for the price i couldnt say no.

2. Black jeans, Newlook; £9.99. i was on a bit of a hunt for a pair of reasonably priced black jeans since my old pair no longer fitted me (man why am i so tall?) after looking in a few shops i spotted these in newlook and thought there perfect, i tried them on and that was it, we got to the counter and they sayed there was a £5 off all jeans sale on at the moment, bargin!

3. little green lidded pots, poundland,price? i will let you figger that out. i already have blue ones of these they are great for jewelry making storage!

4.perminant markers, poundland. ive been wanting a pack of different coloured sharpies for a while now and when i saw these for a £1, i thought even if they dont work (which they do really well) its still worth it.

5. buttons, dunelm; £2.29 each. another buy for the buisness.

6. Dye, dunelm; 3 for 2, £2.49 each. stocking up on dye, i got china blue, powder pink and intence violet.


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