Wednesday Picks 15#

Well hello internet daisies, how’s your week been? If your new here Wednesday picks is a post I do nearly every Wednesday (when I remember :S it turns out I post these more on a Thursday but who's keeping check?) about the things that i have been grateful for or have made my week 10x better.

 scorce; summer holiday 2013.

  • The fact that the heating in my house has just (when i say just i mean in the last half hour, getting cosy!) been fixed after 2 weeks of no heating (can i hear a yay?!)
  •  massive duck slippers (super warm +cosy!)
  • long sleaved tops great for layering dresses and tops over for extra warmth (have you guessed the theme of this wednesday picks yet?)
  •  shampoo samples in magazeens (bought the full size)
  • chocolate chip scones mmmmmmmmm!
  • i finally got round to posting my holiday outfits.
what things have made your week better this week?

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