Wednesday Picks 13#

Well hello internet daisies, hows your week been? If your new here wednesday picks is a post i do nearly every wednesday (when i remember :S it turns out i post these more on a thursday but who's keeping check?) about the things that i have been gratefull for or have made my week 10x better.

*just to fill you in i went to the dentest on monday to have my tooth out :( so im currerntly sitting writing this feeling sorry for myself as im in lots of pain in my gums :( so most of this wednesday picks is going to be about the dentest :S*
  • My family and how they support me in all i do.
  • Painkillers (lifesavers)
  • the fact they gave me my tooth back (i was not expecting that at all)
  • weetabix and jelly.
  • Friends dvd ( i was so tired after monday i would not have suvived (exaduation) with out my 'friends boxset')
 what have you been grateful for this week?

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