Wednesday Picks 16#

Well hello internet daisies, how’s your week been? If your new here Wednesday picks is a post I do nearly every Wednesday (when I remember :S it turns out I post these more on a Thursday but who's keeping check?) about the things that i have been grateful for or have made my week 10x better. 

scorce; own picture.
  • charity shopping with my mum.
  • my youtube subsription feed has finally fixed (but shhhh it might hear me)
  • phone calls with my brother (he is at uni btw)
  • the great british bake off, a show i love that always makes my week better.
  • having time to blog+post sceduling.
  • Its 90 days till christmas!
  • some auturmy stuff went up on my etsy store! (plug plug plug ;)) 'link here'
what things are you greatful for or have made your week better this week?


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