DIY; Scruffy bow out of jean bottoms.

I did a DIY a few days ago Here and i didnt want to waist good fabric so i made a cople of bows out of the leaft overs.

how to make; 
 Step1; cut the hem of the bottom.

 Step2; run your fingers along the bottom of the fabric to fray the fabric to make it look scruffy.

 Step3; cut the hem to fit around the middle of the bow.

 Step4; place the middle in place and sew it up.

i made two of these one from each trouser leg.

I didnt know what to do with them i have made one into a cuff bracelet this is how i did that.

Step1; sew on 2 snap fasterner and your done easy as that !

Any idea's what to do with the other one?

an easy way to get a new bracelet and your not waisting anything!



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