DIY; three quater lenth jeans

how to make;
Step1; measure the amout you would like to take off (i took of 10cm all the way round) and make a line with a marker all the way round.

Step2; cut along the line you made.

 Step3; measure how much turn up you would like and then pin it.

 Step4; sew the two sides up on the seems they already have.
step5; do an invisible stich halfway between the two seems.

 And your done!

this is such an easy way to turn your old jeans that are two short for you into three quater lenth jeans! I am planning to dip dye them purple and will be showing you how to do that as well.

will you be trying this?



  1. They look great, well done! I like how you didn't stitch all the way round so they look like you just rolled them up. Liz :)

    1. just cheaked out your blog cuz its really good xxx


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