DIY; making bracelets

How to make
Step1; get two peces of string, half them and tie a knot. 

Step2; take two peces of string leaving two in the middle. take one of the two outside strings and take it behind the middle two and above the other outside string. Now take the other string and put it throungh the loop of the other string. pull both strings tight and repeat as many times as you like.

 Step3; add some beads if you like and carry on.
Step4;make to knots when you have finnished.

 Step5; take the two longer strings and make sure it fits before you tie a knot add a bead and tie another Knot, and then cut the sting you dont need.
then your done :)

 hope you enjoy making your bracelet


  1. You have great DIY and good ideas!
    I like it
    If you want we can follow each other :D? Xx

  2. thanks :)
    yeah you follow me first :D xx


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