DIY; tie-dye skirt

In my last OOTD Here i showed you a skirt i had tye-dye'd and mentioned there would be a tutorial up soon, well here it is!
 skirt tutorial Here

How to make.
 Step1; tie lots of rubber bands on the skirt anywhere you like.

Step2; fill half a bucket full of water. then put the skirt into the water and pore half a quater of bleach into the bucket and leave for 1 hour.
 Step3; after one hour check it and it should have started to take the black dye out of the skirt and turning it orange * i didnt really expect it to turn orange but o'well*

 Step4; after another hour turn the skirt over using gloves and add salt to open up the fabric and make the dye come out more.
Step5; after another hour take the skirt out of the bucket using gloves and rince in cold water to get rid of most of the bleach.
Step6; rub some detergent into the skirt to take out the bleach even more.

Step 7; take the rubber bands off the skirt and rince again.
Step8; leave it to dry and your done!

Tie dye is very in this summer and it can be soo expensive but this such an affordible way to get such an effective look.

will you be trying this? if so hope it goes well and you enjoy it!



  1. lovely tutorial, will have to try this myself!

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx


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