Clothes & jewelry haul June 2012

some of you may know i have been away for a bit back now though and this is a haul to show you what clothing and jewelry i bought while i was away!


Dress-£6.00| top-£2.00
 i have had my eye on this dress for a long time but never bought it for some reason so i just went for it and i loveeee it! i have a brown and a white one of these tops and i thought i would buy a blue one.:]

George @ asda

Collared top-£4.00 sale| plane top £3.00
 i love the colour and style of this collared top and it fits beautifully on me. with this plane top i am going to make a skirt.

Charity shops

British heart foundation; jeans-£2.99| Collared shirt- £3.30
Age UK; top-£1.99
 With the jeans i will make them into shorts- DIY coming soon! the collared shirt is a faveorite buy as i  no exsacly how to style it. the plane top with come in handy for styling.

Craft fair

a family friend was selling wine at a craft fair and i couldnt resits having a look at the jewelry store right next to her.

What have you picked up this week?

p.s i resently got instagram; @smozzy14

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